Shaq & Kobe Interview: Greatest Duo Ever? IMO…Yes.

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This interview has been a long time coming.

Growing up in LA during the 90’s and early 2000's, the Lakers were my team and Kobe, my basketball idol. Watching this duo grow and dominate in 2000, 2001, and 2002 — 10 championships seemed within reach. It was heartbreaking to actually see the Lakeshow dynasty come to an end.

I was waiting for the day these two would reconcile. I always hoped for an on-the-court Black Mamba + The Diesel reunion, but I had a feeling it would happen after they retired. A few reasons why I believed this: (1) They respect one another’s individual drive to achieve greatness, and challengingly one-up the other (2) They genuinely like one another (3) They realize they are able to achieve more as a team because of their differences, and combined with experience and so much achievement, teamwork overshadows the pride that tore them apart (4) Each has found a different calling post-NBA, and thus, competition has become reconciliation.

Reviewing the above 4 points, the question I have (and have not found an answer to…yet) is, how do you realize destructive forces in the moment and act so you do win 10 championships?

Shaq & Kobe have achieved a lot together during their NBA career; however, I believe the Shaq & Kobe Duo 2.0 will emerge during their post-NBA career, making them the greatest duo ever.

And, my favorite Kobe quotes.



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